I am a writer, an artist, a crafter, a scholar, a student and teacher. I have too many interests to list here, but those give a decent summary. I am a highly spiritual person, a Catholic convert who lives my life to broaden my horizons and learn. I take pride in my playful outlook on life, though I pride myself most on the family I am building with my husband. I am a university graduate having studied linguistics and religious studies, and I have a long background in music and dance. I hope to eventually pursue a masters and PhD in theology, and when I am old and wise to become a professor. Currently I am a teacher who does office work at my Parish. I choose to live life to the fullest and not let my chronic illnesses take control of my life. I struggle to keep myself in balance with fibromyalgia caused by celiac disease, but manage through learning about the many ways that nature can offer healing and the gentle support of my husband, our families and our friends. I hope to one day live on a farm with my husband, and find the balance of life that fits our family best.

My personal philosophy:

Life is a game and
while I am able
I will play to the fullest.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. 🙂 We have a lot in common. Have done a degree in religious studies (theology) … Wish to pursue my studies further ..would love to live on a farm ,, in fact bought a small property but finding that family ties too (siblings and parent) will not make it possible to move away… also the close bonds with my church community which I do not wish to severe … teaching there too 🙂 …
    Look forward to reading more .. Best of Jesus 🙂 (now use this instead of best of luck 🙂

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    • Oh that is too neat! Well, my plan is to get a plot that’s about 2h away and slowly build it; we hope it works out that we build a community in both locations in tandem. My husband and I aren’t in the city our immediate family lives in, so we already went through that challenge. We are lucky for phones and skype! Hehe it wouldn’t work as well if I replaced lucky with Jesus in this case. ;P


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