An epidemic of priority

In childhood, everyone assumes that they are like everyone else. Their body must experience and feel things that everyone else goes through. For many, that translates into growing up, aging and experiencing a fairly normal range of health. For others, it leads to problems being undetected until it is too late. Somehow our society has put such an emphasis on the idea that your health is not a priority until it is so debilitating that you have to address it. The idea that you have to address problems when they are so bad that they can’t be fixed is something that no one applies to any other area of life. Yet, somehow we almost all do that for our own bodies.

“You just learn to live with it.”

“It is just part of aging.”

“I’ve been going through this for years.”

“Well there isn’t anything I can do about it.”

These are all statements that have me questioning the speaker when it comes to their health. Would you say that about a car? About your house?

If you had an ant problem or a leak in your house, would you really sit there and do nothing? If your car wasn’t turning properly, would you really leave it like that?

Most people would say no, and many more would say they even do things to prevent those problems and keep their house or car in the best condition. So why would you leave your body like that? Why would you accept that you have things going on in your body that are not normal? Why not try to seriously do something about it? Maybe it can’t be fixed but most things you can definitely prevent from getting worse.

It shouldn’t get to the point where finding out the label for what ever is wrong with you becomes the biggest source of relief in your life. It shouldn’t get to the point where you are so elated to finally know what is wrong and how to more forward with it because nothing was done to prevent it. Health needs to be the first priority because careful maintenance is so much easier than a total overhaul. If you have family with genetic disorders but do not have any symptoms, get tested. Not every genetic disease starts with symptoms. If you have a family history of anything, get tested. Not because you may think you have it, but to cover your bases and prevent the possibility of doing something that will make it worse if you do have it.

There is so much research that has found ways to prevent illness, and others that have found ways to support the body’s own healing processes. The biggest finding: nutrition. It is the one thing that we take for granted most. What you eat makes the biggest difference in your health, but most of all is the key to preventing illness in the first place. Certain kinds of arthritis can be prevented, or at least kept from being too bad with exercise nutrition and muscle support. Autoimmune disease can be reversed if you remove all the triggers and support the body’s self healing. There are ways to make it better… but we shouldn’t be focused on fixing what has already broken, we should focus on keeping it from breaking in the first place.



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