Another step towards my novel

I am surprised to say that re-writing a 98k word novel is significantly easier to do than writing it all out in the first place. For several months I have been stagnating in my writing, unable to move forward and address the changes that needed to be made in my book before it could be sent off to a publisher. Recently, I found myself in a state of utter frustration (due most to my health being utterly deplorable of late) where I was able to sit down and begin the arduous journey of rewriting a very long story. Much to my surprise, I found myself writing out the story with ease as I went over it chapter by chapter. It turns out that all I needed to overcome the frustration of having to rewrite such a tremendously long piece of literature was to simply be more frustrated with my own state in life. In comparison, re-writing began to look like a fairly simple and straight forward task.

So far I have gone over and edited just over 8k words, though I have had to take a short break for the holidays. With all of my family commitments combined with work, I have not had the time to continue beyond that. Though it may seem that I have but scratched the surface of my novel, I am proud to say that I am no longer daunted by the prospect of continuing to re-write it all. Something that I have also learned in reading my book with such care: I built the story quite well. What I am finding is that I need to work on the actual writing style rather than the content of the book. As an author, that is a very uplifting realization because it simplifies the entire editing process. With the story being well developed, all I need to do to add in the extra information that I had been missing is to write it in as I expand my descriptions and character development.

I am hoping to have my novel written out within the next couple of months, at which point I will have a family friend (who happens to be a university professor in the English literature department) edit my novel. With any luck, that editing will polish off my novel enough that I will be ready to send it to publishing companies.


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