Healing comes at a cost

I am happy to say that my doctor’s appointment was incredibly productive yesterday. She has now confirmed that my joints are in fact swollen, and has prescribed pain cream to help while we figure out the cause and address my gut inflammation. To address my gut inflammation I will be starting the GAPs diet, though my doctor has instructed me to stick on the bone broth phase for 2 whole weeks given the state of my health. Along side the dietary change she has me lined up for a slew of blood tests to see where I have imbalances still, and to have a baseline for necessary supplements. 

Though the appointment went quite well, I am having a hard time mentally preparing myself for the GAPs introduction phases. Bone broth for two weeks while everyone else in the house enjoys delicious full meals is one thing, adding an egg yolk and probiotic juices to the broth for the following week? That is nauseating to think about. I will certainly be relying on God for this one and offering up my sufferings, I’m not sure how I will manage it otherwise. I know that the healing this diet will begin is going to greatly outweigh the sacrifice, yet there is still a stumbling block that I need to overcome. I don’t much like sauerkraut (even home made), I don’t like goat yoghurt (I’m allergic to cows dairy), and I don’t like the flavor of most fermented food except kimchi. Still, I will have to rely on adding these into my diet everyday. I hate the texture of runny egg yolk if it is not soaked up by gluten free bread, but I will have to put that in the broth. I have to give up cold water and switch to room temperature water to help soothe inflammation. I have to mentally accept that the benefits of these changes are all much more important than the discomfort and mental suffering I will endure in eating them. I have to accept that healing comes at the cost of pleasure food for now, and that I need to go through this to get better. 

Thankfully fats are an important part of the GAPs diets, and later on I can look forward to decadent things zucchini pancakes fried in duck fat. When my options start increasing, I will be able to be creative and fun with my food again. Until then, there is not much that can be done to keep bone broth fun… Especially when it has sauerkraut juice and egg yolks in it…