Steps forward

Steps forward are sometimes small, something large and sometimes seem like steps in the wrong direction. I think the reason that it can feel as though the steps are going backwards is because there is only a dead end ahead. Instead of staying at the dead end, the path opens up a little ways behind, leading forward once again. 

Right now we are moving backwards down the path that will hopefully lead us to a better way forward. Though the position my husband took yesterday does not offer a larger salary, but it does offer a significantly larger opportunity for advancement. We are staying with family to save up money, so although we are sacrificing our independence, we are working toward a foundation for a better future without debt. I feel like we are working to go forward, but I am not certain where that will lead us. Right now I don’t believe I need to know what the future holds, I simply have to trust that it will turn out as it is meant to. 


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