Relying on God

There is very little that is quite as stressful as not having an income in time for bills. If I did not have God to rely on, I would likely be an unimaginable mess. Truthfully, like everyone I do have a hard time trusting that there is something good being lined up if we just listen and follow. Today I had quite a bit of reassurance from God.

We have been trying very hard to get my husband working since the move, what was supposed to be a simple transfer from one regional location to another has turned into a very long process. Since we cannot be certain when he will be able to work his old post again, he decided to start applying elsewhere. His field of expertise is security, and in time the plan is to become a police officer with either the military police or the Ottawa police. We had been hoping that his transfer would go through sooner, and not be so pressed for money. As can be expected, I have been rather stressed not being able to see what God had in the works and not allowing myself to fall into simple trust. My worry is being replaced with a humble sense of peace because my husband has an interview tomorrow for a position that he had only applied for yesterday. What’s more? It is a position that pays considerably more than the post he was going to return to, has significantly more training opportunities and works directly with the police.With eight years of security experience and two years of military experience, he is a shoe in for the job; and in my books it is looking like God set us up for a better experience.

One thing that I am starting to realize is that every change in life is always accompanied with growing pains of one kind or another. It is hard to see past these growing pains, but in reality they end up being a simple short term sacrifice in order to set up a long term improvement. It is hard to push past that barrier of wanting control of everything in life, but even when things seem to be falling apart, if we listen to the Big Guy everything starts to line up again.



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