Setting up a workspace

The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur. I have been productive, though as always that productivity comes at a cost. My husband and I have finally found a good working layout for our bedroom, and have begun creating a suitable work space. I have been hired for online tutoring, so if I combine that with writing I should be able to do some decent work from home. Other than a few electronics that were accidentally put in storage, we are just missing a desk and chair to fit the space. I am hoping that this new layout will bring with it a sense of peace of mind. I am feeling much less clostrophic thankfully. Theoretically setting up a new routine will do some good. 

In this whole process I have found myself better able to identify when I am reaching my upper limit. I am in more pain than I would like to be, but at the very least I am getting quite a lot done in a day moored to before. I am hoping that when we have everything set up I will continue this level of exercise but targeting specific muscle groups. The impact of muscle strength on joints is huge, so if I can find some joint pain relief I will try it. Hopefully all of my efforts will bear fruit. 


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