Moving is never easy

I am exhausted. I am not sure that I could describe myself in any other words.  Physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually exhausted. I have been having a hard time answering whether or not I’m happy and I have realized that it is because I am too tired to tell. I’m drained from the stress of the quick move. I’m drained from the physical needs of the move and setting up a useable space that will not give me panic attacks to look at. I’m drained from the emotions of leaving the friends I have left behind. It is not the first time I have been this utterly tired, and I doubt it will be the last. It is hard to describe the physical pain I am in as well. I absolutely wish I could fix my nervous system, yet even suffering this I am too tired to cry from pain. I can’t cuddle my husband or even enjoy an affirmative touch of any kind without searing pain. Sleep doesn’t help either. I have barely had energy for the last 10 years, yet it feels as though I have even less right now. I have officially moved 4 times in the last year, twice between cities. I am exhausted from moving. Unfortunately, this is the most I can offer as a blog post today. If I were up for more, I would send something more thought provoking. Thank you for bearing with my complaints.


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