Change, once again…

Change is something that is universal and unavoidable. This last year has been one of exceptional change, and therefore growth. Yet, now, this chapter in Toronto is coming to a close. On Monday my husband and I will be saying our goodbyes to the friends we have made here and returning to the city we came from. In many ways I am sad to see the end of the chapter drawing near but I have hope for the direction that we are headed. I have unfortunately not seen much improvement in joint pain, and will need to begin investigations with my doctor as soon as we have moved. This change has been a very hard one to bear emotionally, but I am beginning to search for the brighter side of things. It will be a wonderful thing to be close to our family once again, I really do look forward to that. Though I do worry about leaving behind the community I have built up at Church, I am certain that God will guide me to a new one as we move. With any luck, this move will be what I need to dedicate myself to writing once again.

All things in their own time.


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