Now to be published

It is proving an interesting journey to become a published writer after the completion of my first novel. Though some churn out books at the flick of a wrist and others take many years for completion, my novel took the better part of two years to complete. A year and 8 months to be exact, though if include the editing process I would stretch that 10. I had never thought of myself as a writer until I had hit chapter 34 in my book, which now consists of 75 chapters sitting at a comfortable 99K words or so. A fantasy adventure in a world that mixes a grand mosaic of cosmology, I personify Magic and the adventures that follow in a universe on the verge of destruction.

Though I cannot say for certain, I hope that the story captivates its readers. I’ve tested my writing on a few friends, who seem to be chomping at the bit to read more, but as to whether it will be a success? Well, that would depend on your definition of success. I am hoping that my book reaches the hands of any of whom would find themselves enjoying a break from the mundane and searching for a trip into a new world. Following the lives of my characters as though walking into their shoes, watching as they act out in impulse, and cringing when they stumble. I want my book to be an inspiration when people need it, not bring them to greater places or journeys in life, but to bring them to a place they can call home when they feel farthest from it. Success to me is not in sales, or numbers, or fame. Success is touching the hearts of my readers, bringing them joy and anger, making them feel.

I hope when my novel is published that I can have that impact on even one single person. That my words can bring them joy and thrust them through a portal to live in a place they had never seen. Perhaps you will read my novel one day and throw it out with the trash, but I stand by the saying:

“One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure.”



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