A more realistic scope…

I began this blog thinking that I would be able to commit myself into the research necessary to pump out an article about a Catholic Saint every week, but I am finding myself in need of broadening the scope of my writing. I fear I have too many interests to cast aside all of the potentially thought provoking ideas that bubble and churn within my mind. I will take a lesson in Ignatian Spirituality for this one.

Though Ignatius set up his Jesuit order without any female orders available, that does not stop anyone from following the basic precepts of  his faith. I am not one so well versed in his teachings, but from brief passing and curious glances into his life, I have come to understand that I must adopt a philosophy that follows his footsteps. My spirituality and my day to day life cannot be disconnected, and as such I cannot allow myself to write only about the Saints of whom I learn and study but of anything that takes hold me and fills me with inspiration. Whether it is my religion, my novels, my art, my craftsmanship, my health, schooling or my teaching it is all equally important.

Though I will separate my writing into categories to neatly and discretely organize them by topic, my little nook of the internet will be filled with a wide range of topics that need most be written about. Some will be heavy in my spirituality, such as those posts I will dedicate to great saints, but others will not be. I hope you will still enjoy my writings and follow the trains of my mind and they go this way and that.

Pax Christi



2 thoughts on “A more realistic scope…

  1. 🙂 I started out writing for myself and to share my learnings (theology) and experience of faith under three categories … Encounters with my self, My Lord, Others … but am finding it difficult to separate one from the other. They are all intertwined in this journey and the good side is – like you ? -maintaining this blog has brought this home to me. Also reflections in http://www.ignatianspirituality.com
    which I try to reflect on daily.

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