Back into the writing scene

Just as many others before me, I have come to the point in my writing where my previous blog has fizzled out and died forcing me to begin anew. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I have decided to start over. A new blog, fresh and unique from its predecessor. Where I used to write about academic issues centering in Linguistics and Religious Studies, topics discussing health and well being, issues pertaining to my personal growth and development; I have decided change my lens of focus, to one of a Catholic nature.

As a newly-wed Catholic convert, I have come to face an interesting dilemma in my religious formation: learning about those people I can strive to emulate, the saints. While there is much out there discussing tidbits and interesting facts relating the the patron saint of x,y and z, it is in their lives and the application of their practical intercession in my day to day life that I wish to understand. Before my baptism, two years ago this coming Easter, I have had the saints influence my life in a variety of ways. At the age of twelve I had the privilege to take a trip to Europe with my mother. During our stay in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy, I had the opportunity to make acquaintances with my first incorruptable saint: St. Antoninus of Florence. His figure remains etched in my mind to this day, a gaunt and elderly man having spent over 500 years in a glass coffin hidden away in the Dominican church of San Marco.

Years later, I was blessed to experience the Catholic faith with some of my extended family with whom I had grown estranged. With them, I found a home in the Church. Through them, I began to read of all the lives of those who had made profound impacts in the Church. I read of the little rose, St. Thérèse of Lisieux. The Confessions of St. Augustine. I read of Hildegard and her Scivas. The diary of St. Faustina. I hear the mention of various saints through friends and family and grew ever more interested in learning of those obscure and unknown saints, to whom few remember to pray and ask for intercession.

I visited the heart of St. Andre Bessette, in the Oratorium that held his order, and over time found my heart swayed into the arms of Mary, the Blessed Virgin. In my baptism into the church, I chose St. Hildegard von Bingen as my patron in hopes of emulating her great and beautiful impact through grace and devotion to the cross. Yet, I have not and will not stop there. As I learn of the Saints, of their lives and their Holy works, I want to share them here with you all to give a new dimension to the Saints and their ability to intercede on our behalf before the Lord our God.

Though my primary focus of this blog will be on the Saints, there will be tidbits here and there where I share of insights that I have learned of the Church, as well as personal pieces that I will publish to this blog.

I hope you will stick with me through this journey.

Pax Christi




2 thoughts on “Back into the writing scene

    • Thank you! I am certain you will find inspiration to follow the writing path that best suits where you are in life. Though your blog may have strayed, it may be good to reflect on why and see if it is not just growing as you grow. 🙂

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